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Experts on: PID Tuning Software, PID Control Loop Tuning Simulation and Optimization, PID Control Quality Monitoring, System Identification, Transfer Function Identification, PID controller training, PID Tuning Simulator, PID Training Simulator, Advanced Process Control (APC), Online Optimization and OPC Software for linking process control systems and fast data logging.

PiControl is an OEM providing software and industrial consulting for services for PID Tuning Simulation/Optimization, PID Controller Tuning, Advanced Process Control (APC), Online Control Quality Monitoring, Control Performance Monitoring, Online Process Optimization, OPC Communications, Online Oscillation Detection & Adaptive Control, Closed-Loop Multivariable Transfer Function Identification(System Identification), Training Software Products and Process Control Training Courses for Operators, Technicians and Engineers.

Industries: Chemical plants, petrochemical plants, oil refineries (refining), cement plants, polymer plants, electric power plants, air separation plants, cryogenic plants, gas plants, LPG/LNG plants, styrene plants, olefins plants, pulp and paper plants, compressor controls, turbine controls, most basic and intermediate chemical processes.

CHEM SHOW 2015 Presentation on Process Control Improvements

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SOFTWARE PRODUCTS: We offer several process control products in diverse areas.

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PID Tuning Simulator for Training & Certification
  • PID Tuning Optimization
  • PID Tuning Software for PID Tuning Optimization/PID Control Loop Tuning
  • PID Tuning Training Simulator for Tuning Practice and Certification and PID Controller Training
  • Process Control CBT (Computer-Based Training)
    Closed-Loop Multivariable Dynamics Identification, Transfer Function Identification using Closed-Loop or Open-Loop Data
  • System Identification
  • PID Control and Advanced Control Quality Monitoring
  • Online Oscillation Detection and Adaptive Control
  • Multivariable Model-Predictive Control
  • Rule-Based Sequence Control and Recipe-Based Sequence Control
  • Online Real-Time Process Optimization and Control
  • OPC (OLE for Process Control) - server to server/Excel communications, fast data monitoring, online analyzer communication and validation
  • Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS)
System Identification, PID Tuning Optimization and APC
PID Control Loop Performance Monitor
PID Tuning Training & Industrial Process Control Training


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Our products PITOPS, SIMCET and CBT are excellent for classroom and online web-based training for both industry and colleges. Control Engineers, DCS technicians, PLC technicians, operators and students - all will benefit using our training products and training courses. Our PID controller training software not only serves training needs but also serves as full-blown tools that can be used in the plant and control rooms. We offer both classroom training courses and online web-based training courses on a regular scheduled frequency every month all year round.


We examine your process/plant and recommend cost-effective modern advanced control solutions to save you money on new process control-related projects, improve your existing controls to increase plant automation, improve process stabilization and help you move your process in the direction of increased profits. We can optimize and tune all PID controllers in your plant. We can also examine your DCS/PLC and host computer communications and recommend new, powerful OPC (OLE for Process Control) software products for cost-effective and reliable data communications including remote plant data access and monitoring.

APC (Advanced Process Control) PROJECTS:

We can design, implement, commission and support complete APC projects for any chemical, petrochemical, oil-refining, pharmaceutical, electric power, pulp and paper or related-industrial process. Our services include PID tuning optimization, Advanced Process Control (APC) implementation in DCS/PLC or using OPC on a host server computer, real-time communications using OPC, Laboratory Information Management Systems, Production Maximization and Online Process Optimization. We can install complete rule-based or sequence-based controllers to automate your batch or semi-batch processes, conduct automated product grade transitions for any process in a novel, low-cost and robust solution like no other competitor. We possess excellent technical know-how and skills for Polymer Advanced Process Control (polyethylene, polypropylene etc.), Electric Power Plants, Air Separation, Styrene, Refining, Olefins, Pulp and Paper, most Basic and Intermediate Chemical processes.


PiControl has invented new, unique and powerful system identification algorithm that works amazingly well even with complete closed-loop data for multivariable inputs and outputs. The revolutionary system identification algorithm can work with much shorter data sets compared to the current ARMAX (auto-regressive moving average with exogenous inputs) method. PiControl system identification algorithm is a novel technological breakthrough and its performance is far better and it is far simpler than the ARMAX method and also other methods like vector step-response coefficient methods. The technique can be used easily by engineers and even students and technicians without advanced educational degrees nor extensive experience. The algorithm does not need data normalization, is not affected by noise levels and can work well even in the presence of significant unmeasured external disturbances.


We have skills and experience in many areas: Polymers (Polyethylene, Polypropylene), Polyolefins, Styrene Monomer, Air Separation (Nitrogen, Oxygen, and Argon), Hydrogen, Ammonia, Olefins, Aromatics, LNG, Alcohol, Refining, Cement, Power Plants, Pulp and Paper, Specialty Chemicals, Pharmaceuticals, Oil and Gas, Mechanical Tool Drilling and many others. Our skilled and experienced process control engineers can work with you and design a new control system for any plant or process worldwide.


Our software products, technology and ideas can work with any DCS (distributed control system) or PLC (programmable logic controller) manufactured in any country, including Honeywell (TDC3000, Experion), Foxboro/Invensys, Yokogawa, Emerson/Fisher DeltaV, Siemens/Modicon, Allen Bradley, Unitronics, Rockwood, ABB, Bailey, etc. Our software can also seamlessly connect to Aspen Tech, Matrikon, Kepware, Vista-Control, OSI, and other common products. Connectivity is provided via both OPC and Excel.


Our PID tuning software and advanced process control technology (APC) can be applied to Distillation Control, Reactor Control, Combustion Control, Boiler Control, Compressor Control, Turbine Control, Heat Exchanger Control, Dew Point/Bubble Point Control, Pipeline Control, Environmental Emissions Control, Motor Control, Turbo-machinery Control.

Contact Us Today: Info@PiControlSolutions.Com, Tel: (832)495-6436